Results – Men’s Novice Champ of Champs


Oak Bay’s representatives – Jim Cliff and Stephen Rikley – acquitted themselves admirably at this year’s Men’s Novice Champ of Champs tournament, hosted by Burnside LBC.

Unfortunately, success, as normally defined, eluded both members. Success however can be measured in various ways. Many of the fellows Jim and Stephen faced this weekend will become their bowling friends in the years to come, and the experience of this first tournament outside the home club will be invaluable.

Congratulations and well done to all the novices who represented their club in the finest tradition of the sport. You gave the spectators some enjoyable entertainment.

Complete results, along with some photos of the action, follow:

1st – Garry Paugh, Juan de Fuca
2nd – James Campbell, Canadian Pacific
3rd – Max Bodley-Scott, Gordon Head
4th – Bill Crook, Sidney
5th – Frank Russell, Victoria West
6th – Dean Attrill, Burnside
7th – Stephen Rikley, Oak Bay
8th – Kerry Mitchell, Cowichan
9th – Jim Cliff, Oak Bay
10th – Jim Galenza, Victoria
11th – Ron Chudley, Cowichan
12th – Gord Stuart, Gordon Head