Twenty two pairs teams competed in the Sage-Green tournament where a Sage (experienced bowler) was randomly matched with a Green (three years or less). This format encouraged newer members, particularly novices, to try their hand in a friendly club tournament while picking up tips on the rules and etiquette of the sport. For the Sages it was an opportunity to enjoy the energy and enthusiasm our newer bowlers bring to the game.

A special thank you to tournament organizers Donna Blackstock and Marg Machan, number-cruncher Lorraine Neumair, and many other supporting members. The combined work of so many made for a fun day with sunshine and ideal temps. It was interesting to note that our two bartenders on duty (Donna Blackstock and Joan Firkins) are, when not behind the bar, often in front of it posing for presentation photos! Is there a relationship between active volunteering and success at bowls? Seems there might be.

The remaining weeks of the outdoor season will come to an end before we know it. So, take every advantage you can between now and then to be amongst your friends on the green.


Winners, Henriette Ballinger (Sage), Tom Scharien (Green)


2nd Place, Jennifer Letkeman (Sage), David Sinclair (Green)


3rd Place, Anne Payne (Green), Rod Armitage (Sage)


4th Place, John Cossom (Sage), Lizzy Fraikin (Green)