Security and safety is everyone’s responsibility 
This page created 2018-10-17.

Premises security

The security of our premises and property is the responsibility of every member.

If you notice anything unusual that could jeopardize security, please rectify or report the matter. Call the police, if appropriate, and report the incident to any member of the Executive Committee.

The last person to leave the premises is responsible for ensuring that lights, water taps and exhaust fans in the buildings are turned off; that all equipment, both on the greens and surrounds, is put away; and that all doors in the two clubhouses and the equipment shed are locked.

Emergency equipment

First aid kits and fire extinguishers are placed throughout the club premises as shown in this Emergency Services document.This document also gives Instructions for Water and Electrical Emergencies.

All club members should read this document and walk around Anderson House and Carnarvon House to satisfy themselves they can quickly locate the emergency equipment and all electrical and water shutoffs.

Lost Property

Members who leave their bowls and other personal effects in the clubhouses, whether they are secured or not, do so at their own risk. The club does not accept the responsibility for the safekeeping of personal effects.

If you find an item that has probably been left on the property by a member, put it in the lost property box in Anderson House. After the end of each of the outdoor and indoor seasons, the club will dispose of remaining lost property items in any manner that the club deems fit.