Shop till you drop!

With another season of enjoyment on the greens about to start, you might be wondering where you can find bowls for sale and other items you just can’t resist buying as you become more involved with this addictive sport. Well, there are a number of places you can look to get kitted out. First a caveat. Novice bowlers are not required to have their own bowls during their initial year. In fact novices should not rush to buy bowls, since careful consideration needs to be given to the bowl’s size, type of draw, and perhaps even colour. This takes time and is best done by using a variety of club bowls before coming to an informed decision.

For bowls and bowling supplies some places to check out are:

  • The Club. Gail Baxter operates our club Kit Shop. She has most items right at the club in an impressive display case in Anderson House. You can also find her inventory with prices on the website under the menu tabs Lawn Bowling > Kit Shop, or just click here.

  • Shelley Sidel. We’re fortunate to have the Taylor Bowls agent for Vancouver Island as a club member. Shelley’s list of goods and prices can be found here.
  • The Members Only section of the website. Members are free to list bowling items they wish to sell under The Club > Members Only. Items listed in this section don’t always last long but it’s a good place to check.
  • Various buy/sell websites like UsedVictoria, Craigslist, Kijiji, and even ebay can be a source for that hard-to-find item.

Happy shopping!