Short Mat Bowlers from Nanaimo

Short Mat Bowlers from Nanaimo Bowling Club

What a welcome sight to see the up island bowlers arrive for a visit to Oak Bay Bowling Club. A dozen short mat bowlers from Nanaimo arrived at OBLBC for a day of friendly short mat bowling.

After the chaos on the Malahat the previous day, it was relief to be greeted with sunshine, warmer weather and light traffic on the Island Highway. The early birds were here at 9 o’clock with stragglers arriving just before 10 am. This was a relief, since we had planned for a 10 am start. There were eight teams of three players playing a two bowl triples game. This format was a little unusual for the visitors, but they adapted quickly to this format. The two bowl triples moves along quickly with less congestion in the head, much to the relief of the skips. The club turned out a dozen players who created mixed teams with the visitors providing a very social atmosphere. Three of our players traveling to Sweden for the World Championships participated in the day and the visitors took great delight in winning their games against them.

It was with great delight to the Oak Bay members that they were able to meet and greet Jim Brown who was such a mainstay of the short mat bowling at Oak Bay before he moved up island.

Lunch was a social affair in Carnarvon House between 12 and 1 pm with “lunchers” on either side of the Carnarvon Mat. Thanks to all the helpers in the kitchen who put on the tea, coffee and nibbles all day.

Play resumed at 12:45 pm with two more games on the three mats; two in Anderson and one in Carnarvon. At 3 pm, the exhausted players retired to Carnarvon House where Kay Alexander opened the bar and everyone relaxed. It was a long day for our visitors, some of whom had been up since 5 am! Shirley Philips from Nanaimo said a few kind words about how they had enjoyed the day and asked if we would visit the Nanaimo Bowling for some short mat bowling. We said we would be delighted to do so, although with the closing of our mats and the upcoming outdoor season, it would likely be in the fall of 2018. We shall look forward to going up to Nanaimo.

The day wrapped up with a draw for some small door prizes. A fitting end to the day. I believe Nanaimo bowlers were stopping for Fish and Chips in Duncan on the way back, to stock up their energy.

Thanks to Garry Anderson and his helpers who laid the mat out in Carnarvon and created a very social atmosphere for the players.

Andrew Harley











Jim “knees” Brown in action!












Lunch Time in Carnarvon House











All together now!