Fall 2015 Short Mat Bowling

A busy season of Short Mat bowling for Fall 2015 came to an end just before Christmas 2015.

On January 2nd 2016, we had a meeting to discuss the format for the upcoming Short Mat Season, Winter 2016 from January through to the beginning of April. There were a number of changes discussed. But before we itemize these changes, who were the big winners? There were a number of ties in the league and it was identified that a clear tie breaking mechanism needs to be developed so that the trophies can be properly engraved. For the Fall season the ties remained and the prize money split between the players.

A Pairs winners

A Pairs
3 way tie

Linda Cowie and Michael Lum
Svend and June Klausen
Joan Firkins and Marcia Thorneycroft

B Pairs winners

B Pairs
2 way tie

Andrew Harley and David Anderson
Kay Alexander and Karen Evans


C Singles winner

C Singles

1st John Cossom
2nd Tie  between Harnam Grewal and Svend Klausen

D Singles

1st  Marilyn Turpin
2nd Scholastica Whitney

Sorry not everyone in all the photos; not everyone was at the meeting. I think the photographer was asleep for the D Singles; sorry Marilyn!

Other issues discussed at the meeting included a report on the survey carried out by Chris Slade, who participated at the meeting via electronic link. The survey report is on the website. The Pairs and Singles format was discussed along with removal of the fees and prizes for Short Mat League play.

The triples bookings for the season has been a bit overwhelming, so much so, we have added 4 more Triples slots per week….so book away!

Thanks to Harnam and John Cossom for helping run the meeting and everyone else for attending!

Andrew Harley