Short Mat Daily Draw Reservation Form Fall 2017

Short Mat Daily Draw Reservation Form Fall 2017

Updated August 27, 2017 to note that the use of this Reservation Form will be discontinued in favour of the new RSVP individual reservation system

This form will not be activated for Fall, 2017.

Please make your reservation in the daily draw games using the new RSVP system which will be available September 30. The RSVP system is fully user managed; your reservations/cancellations will appear immediately and will require no intervention by the Daily Draws manager.

Instruction in the use of the RSVP system will be announced and published before September 30.

This form is for making reservations in one of the Daily Draw games (formerly known as “Triples”) in the Fall 2017 session from October 2 through December 31, 2017.

Check for vacancies in the game(s) of your choice on the Daily Draw Booking Sheet before you complete this form. DO NOT SUBMIT ENTRIES FOR GAMES THAT ARE ALREADY FULL.

If you are completing the form for the first time, click on the INSTRUCTIONS . . . heading below to reveal the instructions for completing the form.

Daily Draw Weekly Schedule

Your reservation(s) should appear on the Daily Draw Booking Sheet within 24 hours. If they do not appear within 48 hours, e-mail Andrew Harley or phone 250-592-8762.