Fall Season Success

Short Mat Fall 2016

The Fall season of the short mat bowling has been a huge success, with an increase in the number of members taking part and a large increase in matches played. Thanks to the creativity and hard work of a number of members, a second mat was installed in Anderson House in late October. This has not only led to greater access to mat time, but also created a social atmosphere with both mats in action. Some basic statistics: over 80% of the daily draw time slots were in use; over 50% of all available player slots were used; a large variety of game formats were used, ranging from cutthroat, pairs, triples, quads, five person cutthroat. You just never quite know what format you will end up playing depending on numbers.

Final League Positions

A Pairs
1st place Harnam Grewal/David Anderson
2nd place Chris Slade/Brent Jansen
3rd place(tie)  John Cossom/Lawrie Matheson and Steve Foster/Jill Foster

B Pairs
1st place Steve Dix/Mary Magill
2nd place Pat Thomas/Elaine Hasler
3rd place(tie)  Jennifer Letkeman/Louise Mason and Tanis Ranger/Andrew Harley and Jim Brown/Barry Hersh

C Singles
1st place Chris Slade
2nd place Svend Klausen
3rd place David Anderson

D Singles
1st place Marilyn Turpin
2nd place Linda Cowie
3rd place Garry Anderson


Andrew Harley