Short Mat League Entry Form Winter 2018

Short Mat League Entry Form Winter 2018
 Updated November 20, 2017  to note that this form is now “sticky”, which means that it will display your previous data if you log on to it again. This is useful for making corrections.

See Short Mat Winter 2018 Poster for details of the winter short mat session.

Click on the “Instructions for completing. . .” heading immediately below to reveal detailed form-completion instructions. Click on it again to hide the instructions.

Instructions for completing the online Short Mat Entry Form

Below is the interactive Short Mat Entry form. Use this form only if you wish to play in one or more of the competitive leagues A Pairs, B Pairs, C Singles and/or D Singles. You do not need to complete an entry form if you intend to play in the social Daily Draw games ONLY.

The form below asks you to:

  1. Identify yourself. Note that if you are playing in both A and B pairs leagues, you will have to register for each one separately, using a different, but identifiable name for each, for example Chris Slade and Chris Slade2. If you are also playing in a Singles league, you need say so on only one of your entries.
  2. Choose the league(s) you wish to play in.
  3. Describe your usual availability in each of the six two-hour slots between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on each day of the week from January 2 through April 1, 2018; and
  4. State exceptions to that usual availability.

Before you proceed to the online form below, give some thought to exactly when you are usually available to play on each of the seven days of the week and what days would be exceptions to your usual schedule.

If you are playing in a pair, you do NOT have to worry about your partner’s precise availability; the computer program figures out the availability of the pair from the individual entry forms.

You MUST be usually available for an absolute minimum of ten time slots per week to be considered a league entrant. For pairs, both of you must be available in eight or more time slots. In addition, one or more of these time slots should be a weekend and/or a 7:00 p.m. time slot, to accommodate games against opponents who work office hours.

Once you have completed the form, you click on the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the form to register your entry. You should receive an immediate message in bold blue lettering, “Thank you for registering . . .”

If you do not receive this message, there is something wrong with your form. Most likely you have forgotten to complete a mandatory piece of information. Scroll back over the form and you will see that missing information is highlighted in pink. Complete the required information and SUBMIT the form again. Unless you get the “Thank you . . .” message, you have NOT submitted the form.

As of November 20, 2017, please note that this form is “sticky” which means that, when you next use it, the data that you previously entered on or after November 20, will re-appear, i.e. the form will already be filled out. This is useful if you want to correct your previous entry. Just change the fields that you need to, and resubmit. Please use the Comments section of the form to state that this is a corrected entry and that the old one should be deleted.

The stickiness feature can also be useful if, having completed your own entry, you now wish to complete one for your spouse, say. There may be little difference, other than the name, between your two entries.

If you are having trouble completing the online form, call Chris Slade at 250-592-7533. He will help you complete it.

Once your entry has been properly submitted, it will be entered into the scheduling program along with all other entries December 10, 2017.

Within two weeks after the entry deadline, you will be provided with a personalized schedule of your league games that matches your availability as you described it on the entry form.

Once you have submitted your entry form, your name will normally appear immediately on the List of League Entrants. Check to see that your entry has been recorded there. If it does not appear within 24 hours, call Chris Slade at 250-592-7533 and he will make sure that your entry is registered.

Enrollment in the Winter 2018 Short Mat Leagues closed December 10, 2017.

League enrollment for the next (shortened) session, in Fall 2018, will commence at a date to be announced.