Short Mat Tournament Feb 6 2016

Greetings to all!

After 24 exciting rounds it turns out that Team Jamaica with 27.5 points from their 12 games was the victor and earned their day in the sun……so to speak!

Thanks to all who took part. The games were fantastic to watch. Many thanks to those who spent time working as markers and score keepers and offering friendly advice to newer bowlers. This was a very positive perk for those looking to improve their game.

It was an interesting and worthwhile experiment to try out the 4 bowl and 8 end format. We now have a selection of ideas, formats and templates for one rink shortmat tournaments. I will put a folder together of what has been done to date and I will pass this along to Harnam. Harnam has agreed to put together the final tournament for this year and then perhaps a small group of keen shortmat players should get together to look at special events, those things aside from league and open triples play, for the Fall and Winter of 2016/2017.

Cheers to all!

To add to Donna’s note, here is the interpretation of the results, the photo is a bit cryptic.

First place: Jamaica 27.5 points
Andrew Harley, Karen Evans, Garry Anderson sharing with Pat Thomas

Second Place: Tahiti 26 points
John Cossom, Kay Alexander, Marcia Thorneycroft

Third Place: Fiji 24 points
Harnam Grewal, Jim Brown, Ian McMorran

Other players: June and Svend Klausen, David Anderson, Marilyn Turpin, Brent Jansen, Alan Hall, Louise Mason, Ron Harmer, Norma Alison.

I have to say that it was a closely fought competition with Karen (Evans) having to place no less than second place in the final game, final day. She achieved victory with a great draw in the seventh end to score 5 points and the overall team victory. Well done Karen!