Short Mat Tournament February 16th, 2019

The club held its third Short Mat Tournament of the season in  Anderson House (two mats) and Carnarvon House (one mat). The club enjoyed a record club turnout of 36 players plus a couple of spares. This gave us 12 teams of triples, which meant we played with 3 pools of 4 teams. This gave each team three games in each pool. There was a certain amount of re-organizing with Chris Slade unable to play, however the spares stepped to the plate, this included Michael Lum. Thank you Michael.

Garry Anderson used his excellent organizational skills to keep the tournament running smoothly. The three pool format enabled the scheduler to provide a very symmetrical draw, each team played three matches, one on each of the three mats.
The fees collected, and scores  kept by the house managers; the nibbles, tea and coffee supplied by the kitchen helpers…..thank you all.
Everything ran very smoothly and wrapped up around 4 pm with a gathering at the bar for refreshments. Now at 2:45 the author (me) had to dash to a Valentines Dance with Jennifer. It was not an event I could miss! This meant that I was unable to attend the presentations done by our able President, Brent Merchant. 

Since he was the winner of Pool A, he was well pleased! I don’t have the full results of the pool play, only the pool winners. Proceeds for the tournament were donated to the club.

Thank you bar tenders for opening the bar for the thirsty players!

We will have a final short mat tournament on March 9th. The registration forms (see the website: are up and I certainly hope for a 36 player turnout again. This is the final tournament of the season; how time goes bye!





Pool C Winners
Lee Millar, Luci Ewen,

Brent Merchant (Presenter), John Cossom (absent)

Pool B winners
David Gardner, Georgia Thorneycroft,
Harnam Grewal, Brent Merchant (Presente

Pool A Winners
Steve Dix, Suzanne Ewen,
Brent Merchant,