Short Mat Tournament – March 10, 2018

Our third and last Short Mat Tournament of the season was held on Saturday 10th March.  These one day tournaments have been really successful this year, due to the fact that we have a third Mat in Carnarvon House.

Small tables complete with flowers from Sandy and Rod’s garden surround the mat, whilst spectators sit and enjoy refreshments, and for the final game even a glass of wine!  Thank you to everyone for their help and to Lorraine, who always gives her time so willingly for the scoring.


Winners (L to R) Beth Christopher (lead), Harnam Grewal (skip), Ronnie Stinson (second). Missing Sheila McCall (co-shared second)


2nd, Helen Kempster (second), John Cossom (skip), Sylvia Sinclair (lead)


3rd, Svend Klausen (skip), Bev Regan (lead), Alan Hall (second)


4th, Pat Thomas (presenter), Brent Merchant (skip), Anne Payne (lead), Stephen Rikley (second)


Mat roll up!


Photos and reporting by Anne Payne & Garry Anderson

Updated 2050 hrs March 11 to correct standings in original post