Short Mat Tournament October 2017

Short Mat Tournament October 2017


This last Saturday saw the first short mat tournament of the season. The entries quickly filled up and we played with 30 players. This gave us 2 pools of 5 teams. Some of the positions were shared.

This was a one day tournament which we aimed to finish by 4 o’clock giving each team 4 matches during the day and time for refreshments aterwards.

To achieve this, we altered the format slightly to play a 2 bowl triples game. This speeds the game by reducing the number of bowls in play and giving the skips a better chance of moving the jack around. Everybody seemed to be OK with this format (at least I heard no complaints!). Each game was given a maximum time of 50 minutes and every game finished within this time limit. We then had a 10 minute turnaround for the next game. It did get busy at times but everyone took it in good humour!

The additional feature of the tournament was the use of the old green mat in Carnarvon House. This was made possible by some creative wriggling of the mat. Thanks to Brent, Garry, Harnam and Steve (and others) for making this possible. As you can see, the audience has a ringside view of the action.












Scheduling 20 matches on three rinks, making sure that everyone played on all rinks, needed a little creativity. The kitchen (thanks Garry and Sylvia) provided tea/coffee, goodies and the bar was opened at 3:30 by Garry to provide some alcoholic refreshments. The final results were as follows:



1st Svend Klausen, Pat Thomas, Robin Hittos
2nd Louise Mason, Mary MaGill, Betty Walker
3rd June Klausen, Barry Hersh, Suzanne Ewen/Erik Ewen

Pool 1 1st Place Robin Hittos, Pat Thomas, Svend Klausen










Pool 1 2nd Place Mary Magill, Louise Mason, (Betty Walker not present)

Pool 1 3rd Place Barry Hersh, June Klausen, Erik Ewen












1st Linda Cowie/Helen Kempster, Karen Evans, Elaine Hasler
2nd David Anderson, Mort Nelson, David Sinclair
3rd Kay Alexander, Steve Rikley, Anne Payne

Pool 2 1st Place Elaine Hasler, Karen Evans , (Linda Cowie, Helen Kempster not present)





Pool 2 2nd Place  David Anderson, Mort Nelson, David Sinclair


Pool 2 3rd place Kay Alexander, Anne Payne, Steve Rikley













Andrew Harley