Short Mat Tournament February 3rd, 2018

Short Mat Tournament February 3rd,  2018

Saturday February 3rd saw the first short mat tournament of 2018. Thirty players gathered in Carnarvon and Anderson house to play a series of triples games. The 30 players made up 10 teams of three players drawn randomly from the RSVP sign-up of skips, thirds and leads. The ten teams were divided into two pools of five, with play in a round robin format. For the tournament, we brought out the extra short mat into Carnarvon House. Thank you Garry for organizing the layout in Carnarvon, complete with daffodils on each table. The addition of the third mat in Carnarvon has greatly increased the sociability of the event, members can relax, eat and drink while watching the play. Each of the teams played four games of two bowl triples. The two bowl format, while challenging, helps speed up the games.

Lots of help is always needed at these events, so thanks to all the kitchen help and not forgetting the bar staff that help refresh the players at the end of day!

The results and the end of day were very close:

1st place pool 1
Svend Klausen, Tanis Ranger and Anne Payne

2nd place pool 1
Harnam Grewal, Bev Regan and Jennifer Letkeman

1st place pool 2
Brent Marchant, Pat Thomas and Eric Ewen

Thanks to all the players and helpers