Short Mat Daily Draw Cancellation Winter 2017

Short mat daily draw CANCELLATION form Winter 2017

Updated 17 December, 2017 for Winter 2017 session.

If you are completing the form for the first time, click on the heading immediately below to reveal the instructions for completing the form.

Instructions for completing the cancellation form

About this daily draw cancellation form

The form below allows you to cancel your previous reservations in up to ten daily draws for one or two players. The form can be used multiple times, whenever you want to make new cancellations.

Cancellations can be made for up to two players at a time. If there are two players on the form, all the cancellation requests will apply identically to both of them.

The cancellation dates do not have to be in any particular order.

This form can only be used for cancellations. If you need to book a place in a daily draw, use the Short Mat Daily Draw Reservation form.


The form first asks you to identify yourself by name, e-mail ID and phone number and gives you the option of adding a second person (name only).

Requesting your first cancellation

To cancel a previously reserved game, you need only select values for two boxes; there is no requirement for typing any text.

Nine daily draw games are held at the same times each week. You can use a dropdown list of the nine games to select the time and day of the week for your cancellation. Then specify the date of the game by clicking on the calendar icon in the adjacent box and selecting the date. Use the arrows on the calendar icon to move to different months.

Making additional cancellations

After you have completed the first cancellation, the form will ask if you want to make another cancellation. If you answer “yes” a second game will be presented. The form will repeat this action for up to ten games.

If you answer “no” the form will invite you to make comments relevant to your cancellations, if any.

Submitting the form

Then–most important–you must submit the form by select the green SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the form.

Now proceed to the Player Identification section at the top of the form.