Short Mat Triples Registration Form

See Short Mat Fall 2014 Poster for details of this short mat session.

Click on the ‘+’ sign immediately below to reveal detailed form-completion instructions. Click on the ‘-‘ sign to hide the instructions.

Instructions for completing the online Short Mat Triples (only) Registration Form

Below is the interactive Short Mat Triples Registration form. Use this form if you wish to register in the casual triples games ONLY and you do not wish to enter for one or more of the competitive leagues A Pairs, B Pairs, C Singles and/or D Singles.

Because triples games require no individual player scheduling, you can use this form to register for Triples (only) at any time during the October-December short mat session. This form merely registers you as a triples player; if you want to book a place in one of the triples games, use the Short Mat Triples Reservation form.

Once you have completed the form, you must press the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the form to register your entry. You should receive an immediate message in bold blue lettering, “Thank you for registering . . .”.

If you do not receive this message, there is something wrong with your form. Most likely you have forgotten to complete a mandatory piece of information. Scroll back over the form and you will see that missing information is highlighted in pink. Complete the required information and SUBMIT the form again. Unless you get the “Thank you . . .” message, you have NOT submitted the form.

If you are having trouble completing the online form, call Chris Slade at 250-592-7533. He will help you complete it.

Once your entry has been properly submitted, your name will appear on the List of Short Mat Registrants within 24 hours. Check to see that your entry has been recorded there. If not, call Chris Slade and he will make sure that your entry is registered.

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