Short mat coaching available any time

Short mat coaching available any time

Updated October 19, 2018 clarifying the coaching to be made available at the start of the 2019 winter session.

Coaching sessions for short mat play are available for members who wish to take up—or learn more—about this fascinating form of bowling.

If anyone would like some coaching:

  • Newcomers to the game please contact Dolores Troyer 250-472-1971; or
  • For those who are already players and wish to learn more, Harnam Grewal 250-598-9988 or John Cossom 250-598-2281.
  • You will also be able sign up, via the short mat calendar, for one or more of the scheduled coaching sessions to be scheduled between mid-December 2018 and mid-January 2019.

In addition to the scheduled sessions, morning, afternoon or early evening times for coaching will be arranged to suit the availability of those who are interested.