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Short Mat Online
Updated 2018-11-26 with link to poster for the Winter 2019 session.   

Notice about the Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 short mat sessions.

Because of the Anderson House renovations, the shortened Fall 2018 Session did not commence until Tuesday, November 13.

Full short mat sessions will resume in the January-April 2019 winter session.

Shortmatmeasure About this Page

This page contains the links to all the information that you need to take part in the Fall 2018 Session at our club. Click on the “hyperlinks” (the underlined words in blue text) to view documents.

Short Mat Rules

We play the game according to the CSMBA Rules supplemented by our own Local Short Mat Rules.

Organization of the Fall 2018 Session

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Changes introduced for the Fall 2018 Session

Details of the November to December 2018 session can be seen on the Fall 2018 Session Poster.

In the Fall 2018 Session, the short mat managers have decided to:

  1. Continue with the online RSVP personal reservation system for Daily Draws.
  2. Stage 14 Daily Draw games per week. This is an increase of six games per week, made possible by the reduction in league play. 
  3. Continue the Women’s Drop-in game on Wednesdays and Men’s Drop-in on Thursdays, but extend them to four hours, and to add a further two-hour Drop-ins for men on Mondays and women on Fridays. 
  4. Hold a one-day tournament  on Saturday December 1. There will be no inter-club tournament this session.
  5. Hold just one pairs league in this shortened session, rather than the usual A, B, C and D league games. We are trying an experimental “Tuesday League” which will avoid the lengthy scheduling process of previous sessions where we set up the league schedule taking into account members’ personal availabilities. For the Tuesday League, players register individually and commit to be available at 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. every Tuesday from November 20 through December 18.

    If this format works, it is possible we will extend it to a “Wednesday League”, a “Thursday League”, etc., for different sets of players.

Player Codes and Personal Schedules for the Fall Session

  • List of League Entrants in the Fall 2018 session.  This is a real-time list. As soon as you submit your application to play in the Tuesday League, your name will appear on this list. 
  • The Tuesday League Schedule is set in advance for up to 8 teams. After you register individually, you will be randomly assigned to one of the teams ‘A’ through ‘H’ and the list of participants in each pair will be published. You will stay with the same partner for every game.

Tournaments for Fall 2018

Tournaments for Fall 2018

There will be just one members-only, one-day tournament in Fall 2018.

The tournament will be held Saturday December 1. Format for the tournaments is likely to be two-bowl triples, on three mats. The tournament poster, registration form and current list of tournament entries  are available online.

Registration, which opens November 19, is online only for this tournament. (Now that we have a tablet computer available in Anderson House, anyone can sign up online at the club.)  

When you register for the tournament, your name will appear immediately on the current List of Tournament Entries. If not, you have not successfully registered and should re-submit your entry.

Shortmat Scorecards

Here are various short mat scorecards in the form of an Excel workbook. Each tab shows a different format, with three scorecards per page. You can choose whichever format you like and print off the page. (You need to download this workbook to your own computer, if you wish to make any changes.)

This is the scorecard, in PDF format, that we are currently using for short mat tournaments. 

Bookings and Schedule Changes Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 short mat session starts Tuesday November 13 and officially finishes December 31. All league games should be completed by December 31. Daily Draw bookings, on two mats, will continue until year-end. The Winter 2019 session will begin January 1.

We use the Short Mat Schedule and the RSVP reservation system to organize short mat play.

  • League Games: The online Short Mat Schedule for Fall 2018  shows the times and dates of all events taking place on our two short mats — league games, social games, tournaments, player development and personal bookings.  The Schedule is updated throughout the session with the latest information. Please e-mail Andrew Harley with any changes to the times of your Tuesday League games. He will move your game to its new time on the Short Mat Schedule.
  • Daily Draws: We will continue to use the RSVP reservation system for Daily Draws. You enter the system by clicking on the date of your Daily Draw on the online short mat calendar and follow the instruction for registration. You will see the names of all players who have previously registered for that session. As soon as you register, your name is added to the list of players. Up to 12 players can join one of the daily social games on the two mats. After 12 reservations have been made, RSVP refuses further entries. Note that there is always a way to divide into two games no matter how many players there are. 

Results from Previous Short Mat Seasons

Results 2017 Winter tournaments

March 12 All-members Triples Tournament

  1. Svend Klausen, Marcia Thorneycroft, Kay Alexander/Pat Thomas
  2. Brent Jansen, David Sinclair, Tanis Ranger
  3. Harnam Grewal, Steve Dix, Anne Payne
  4. June Klausen, Sylvia Sinclair, Mary McCutcheon

February 18 All-members Triples Tournament

  1. Chris Slade, JoAnn Edquist, Eric Payne
  2. Brent Jansen, Georgia Thorneycroft, Anne Payne
  3. June Klausen, Norma Alison, Steve Rikley
  4. Svend Klausen, Joan Roberts, Tanis Ranger

January 28 All-members Pairs Tournament

  1. Brent Jansen and Marcia Thorneycroft
  2. June Klausen and David Anderson
  3. Louise Mason and Pat Thomas
  4. Andrew Harley and Garry Anderson

January 15 All-members Triples Tournament

  1. Svend Klausen, Andrew Harley, Pat Thomas
  2. Brent Jansen, Linda Cowie, Garry Anderson
  3. Harnam Grewal, Karen Evans Kay Alexander

This tournament finished as a three-way tie on points, which was resolved by dividing “shots for” by “shots against.”

January 14 Novices Pairs Tournament

  1. Steve Rikley and Anne Payne
  2. Marcia Thorneycroft  and Georgia Thorneycroft 
  3. Robbie Bagot and Ronnie Stinson/Joan Roberts