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Short Mat Online

Most recent update November 3, 2017 to state there will be just two one-day club tournaments in this Fall 2017 session. Also a distinction has been made between the Short Mat Schedule (which lists all league games and private bookings) and the online Short Mat Calendar, which supports the RSVP reservation system for Daily Draws..

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This page contains the links to all the information that you need to take part in the Fall 2017 Session at our club. Click on the “hyperlinks” (the underlined words in blue text) to view documents.

Short Mat Rules

We play the game according to the ESMBA Rules supplemented by our own Local Short Mat Rules.

Organization of the Fall 2017 Session

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Changes introduced for the Fall 2017 Session

Player Codes and Personal Schedules for the Fall 2017 Session

Tournaments for Fall 2017

Shortmat Scorecards

Bookings and Schedule Changes Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 short mat session starts Monday October 2 and officially finishes Sunday December 17, by which time all league games should be completed. Daily Draw bookings will continue to December 31.

We use the Short Mat Schedule and the RSVP reservation system to organize short mat play.

  • League Games: The online Short Mat Schedule for Fall 2017  shows the times and dates of all events taking place on our two short mats — league games, social games, tournaments and personal bookings.  The Schedule is updated throughout the session with the latest information. The Fall 2017 Schedule runs to December 31, beyond the official end of the session, so that Daily Draws and personal bookings can continue until the Winter 2018 schedule starts on January 1, 2018. Please e-mail Andrew Harley with any changes to the times of your A, B, C and D league games. He will move your game to its new time on the Short Mat Schedule.
  • Daily Draws: Commencing in this Fall 2017 session, the new RSVP reservation system will replace the online Daily Draw Booking Sheet  and the multiple games reservation form that we used for Daily Draws in Winter 2017. The RSVP system is fully automated and requires no intervention by the short mat manager, as was required last winter. RSVP only handles individual games. You enter the system by clicking on the date of your Daily Draw on the online short mat calendar and follow the instruction for registration. You will see the names of all players who have previously registered for that session. As soon as you register, your name is added to the list of players. Up to 12 players can join one of the daily social games on the two mats. After 12 reservations have been made, RSVP refuses further entries. Note that there is always a way to divide into two games no matter how many players there are.

Results 2017-18 Season

2017 Fall A League Results; B1 League Results; B2 League Results; C League Results; D League Results will be posted here from time to time throughout the Winter 2017 session. However, the official version of the results is the one on the noticeboard at Anderson House. As soon as your league game is finished, please make sure you enter the results for both sides on the results sheet in Anderson House.

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