Enrolling for Short Mat League Games

Updated 29 November, 2015

Short Mat Registration Instructions

Enrollment for league play in the 2016 Fall Session will commence November 30, 2016 and complete December 13.

If you intend to play in one or more of the A, B, C or D leagues for a fall or winter short mat session, you need to complete the Short Mat Entry form, which you can then submit online. You no longer need to complete an entry form if you only wish to play in the casual triples games.

The Short Mat Entry form describes your availability throughout the session. We use this form to schedule your league games and to let others know when you may be available as a substitute in a triples game.

You will need to complete the entry form well in advance of the season’s start date to play in a league (A, B, C or D league). Scheduling 40-50 players with completely different schedules is a complex process that takes time. Deadline for entry into the 2016 Winter Session is December 13, 2015.

If, for any reason, you are unable or unwilling to use the online form, you can ask another member to complete it for you, or call Chris Slade 250-592-7533 and he will complete the form for you over the phone. (Having an online form as input to the computer program makes the scheduling task easier than using a paper form, which would then have to be manually entered into the computer scheduling program.)

You can check to see if you are properly registered by checking the current List of League Entrants.

Players who are familiar with the scheduling process can use the quick links on the Short Mat Online page to enroll for the upcoming winter session and to schedule and re-schedule their games for the remainder of the October-December 2015 fall session. All the necessary links to reserve a place in a triples game also appear on the Short Mat Online page.