Updated 15 December, 2017 to change the date of the kickoff meeting for Winter 2018 session to January 6, 2018.

Announcement: Short Mat Session Jan-Mar 2018

This announcement is directed to short mat league players, rather than to those who play in the social daily triples games.

Short mat league players need to complete the Short Mat Entry form for the January-March 2018 session no later than December 10. If you are familiar with the process from previous sessions, you may not need to read this announcement any further, just fill out the form and submit it now.

The Winter 2018 Session

The 2018 Winter Short Mat session starts officially Monday January 1, 2018 and will last for thirteen weeks. See Short Mat Poster for a summary of the session.

There will be four competitive leagues for short mat play. The league games are scheduled for you, according to your availability.

If you are new to short mat at our club, you can read how a session is organized by referring to Short Mat at Oak Bay.

League Play

There will be the same four leagues in the 2018 Winter Session as in the 2017 Fall session.  Each league features “round robin” play, i.e. you play every other team in your league just once during the session.

Leagues ‘A’ and ‘B’ are for Pairs. League ‘C’ and ‘D’ are for Singles. A and C are the more competitive leagues. If you finished in the top two positions of the B league in the previous session, you are expected to move up to A, but no one will be compelled to do this.

You can only play in one singles league and one pairs league. The players themselves determine which leagues they want to play in. Exceptions to the “one-pairs league only” rule may be made if an experienced player also partners with a newer player, who would otherwise not be able to play in a pairs league. You have to find your own partner for the Pairs leagues.

The maximum number of players/teams in each of the four leagues is 12. If there are less than 8 entries in a league, we may schedule you to play each opponent twice. If there are more than 13 entries in a league, that league will be split into two.

If you intend to play in one or more of the A, B, C or D leagues, you need to complete the Short Mat Entry Form which is available from November 19, 2017 and is closed off December 10, 2017. No league entries can be accepted after that date.

All short mat forms appear in the Current Forms menu in the footer of every page of this website.

The two weeks following the December 10 league entry deadline will be used to schedule approximately 300 games, develop the short mat calendar and develop personal schedules for each player. Your personal league schedule will be available no later than December 29.

Completing the Online League Entry Form

To make known your availability for league games in the 2018 January-March session, please complete the online Short Mat Entry Form. It is available in the footer of every page on this website during the enrollment period November 19-December 10, 2017

The form asks you to select those time slots on each day of the week when you are generally “available.” League players need to make themselves available for a minimum of ten two-hour time slots per week – and preferably more, including at least one weekend and/or evening time slot (to accommodate matches against those who have to be at work weekdays.) In the case of pairs, this restriction applies to the pair, so please partner with someone whose availability matches yours for at least ten time slots per week. However, do not make yourself “unavailable” just because your partner is unavailable. The computer will figure out when everyone can play and it may be important to know that you are available even when your designated partner is not.

If you feel unable to use the online form, you can ask anyone with online access to do it for you and submit it on your behalf. Or call Chris Slade at 250-592-7533; he will fill out the online form for you, over the phone.

Enrollment will be on a first‑come, first‑served basis, so complete the entry form as early as you can to make sure that you will be scheduled to play in the league of your choice.

Kickoff Meeting

The session kickoff meeting will be held in Carnarvon House at the club on  SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.


In summary: please complete your league player entry form by December 10; expect to receive your personal league game schedule before December 30; and attend the kickoff meeting Saturday December 30.

Good Bowling!

Chris Slade

26 November, 2017

Short mat player survey results now available

Thanks to all those players who completed the short mat player survey in December 2015. The results have been analyzed and the Survey Report is now available.

We have taken some actions as a result of the survey:

  • Prize money has been abolished, with a savings in administrative effort.
  • Substitutes will now be allowed in pairs league games.
  • Four more weekly triples games have been established.
  • In the Fall 2016 session, league players will register just as “Pairs” rather than A Pairs and B Pairs; similarly Singles players will not have to register in C and D. The organizers will assign the players to leagues from now on.

The Local Short Mat Rules have been revised to reflect these changes.

Chris Slade
January 2016