Oak Bay Wins Silver and Bronze Again!

Back to the bowling lanes. We did have the luxury of not having to play until 9 am. So, up at 7 am on our way to the bowling hall by 8:15 am. With Brent driving it takes about 30 mins. The bowling hall is a gym part of the Pentecostal Church on the Queensway. We did have the privilege of being shown around the church by the business pastor. They were all very friendly explaining that the church auditorium seats 3199 church goers! They were underway setting up for a Xmas show which played to sell-out crowds of 3000 visitors at a time.

Anyway, I digress, the morning started the completion of the triples round robin which both teams managed to win. So this set up the semi-finals. Fortunately our two teams (one of teams had Mitch playing as third) did not end up playing each other. The winners going onto the finals and the losers going to the bronze medal game. Brent, David and Andrew played a team from Cobourg, Ontario. We were successful, earning a berth in the Gold Medal match. Mitch playing in a JJ Mat team as a borrowed player, was not so lucky moving into the Bronze Medal match.

In the Gold Medal match, the team came out a little flat and opponents were on fire! So be it, we settled for the Silver Medal. Mitch playing in his adopted team played well and ended up with the Bronze Medal. Oak Bay ended up with Silver and Bronze Medal. Well done guys!

After we finished for the day, we hurried home to join forces with David’s wife, Cathy who traveled from Montreal to join the household for a few days. We are now unwinding watching “Schitts Creek”, we are an intellectual group!

Tomorrow is the final event, the Fours, where we all join forces for one final hurrah and a last chance for that elusive Gold Medal!

Andrew, Brent, David and Mitch