Silver Tray Women’s Scotch Pairs

This year’s Silver Tray Women’s Scotch Pairs was played on superb greens and under ideal weather conditions. Even with good greens success can be elusive. That wasn’t a problem for the team of Jill Foster and Gale Law from Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club who finished atop a field of 18 teams. In scotch pairs the leads and skips switch positions halfway through each game.

As with all successful tournaments it took the efforts of many volunteers to ensure that the participants could enjoy the event. A list of past winners can be found here of this prestigious tray, provided by tournament manager Louise Mason. Any early bets on whose name will appear on the tray next year?

Winners (L to R) Gale Law, Jill Foster
2nd Place, Wendy Lubinich, Annie Mathie
3rd Place, Gill Lightbody, Sue Ennis
4th Place, Karen Evans, Donna Blackstock
5th Place, Mary Ann Hayes, Jill Spear
6th Place, Luci Ewen, Anne Van Bastelaere
7th Place, Tanis Ranger, Linda Cowie
8th Place, Louise Mason (presenter and substitute), Noelle Trueman, (missing Sierra Trueman)