Singles Day

Down to business on the first day of competitive playing. Today was singles day; very busy 5 singles games of 15 ends each….pretty exhausting but it didn’t end there. This was round robin play followed by the first round of knock-out play.

Everybody played well with Brent, David and Andrew played with only one loss and qualified for the quarter finals. Mitch had a tough draw but managed to play 3 wins and 2 losses.

The first round of the knockout, the quarter-finals, saw Brent play David an unfortunate match up, but Brent prevailed, making it through to the semi-finals tomorrow. Andrew played Martin Foxhall, who won silver in the fours at the Nationals at Juan De Fuca, a tough customer indeed, who is likely to reach the short mat finals. Andrew had a close game but finally succumbing 16-14.

A great day, but totally exhausting. Tomorrow brings another busy day, completion of the singles and the first 4 rounds of the pairs. Our team will have Brent and Mitch pairing and Andrew and David pairing. We will bring you the results tomorrow

It’s bed time

Until tomorrow

Andrew, Brent, David and Mitch