SMUS – The Sequel

After hosting 18 students and their teacher from St. Michaels University School (SMUS) on May 10, we had the pleasure of welcoming another 12 students, also accompanied by their teacher, Riley Doland, on May 17. The students tried their hand at bowls with the same enthusiasm and positive results as did their classmates a week earlier. These students were all quick to absorb the instruction given and so to their delight no homework was assigned.

We hope our young visitors will return home to tell their parents what a great sport bowls is and that they should come out to one of our Friday Visitors’ Nights and give it a try. Heck, we’d even welcome their grandparents! 🙂

A third group from SMUS is coming on Friday, May 26 for what is expected to be another fun learning experience for both the SMUS students and their club hosts.