Social Membership Application/Renewal 2016-17

Social Membership Application/Renewal 2016-17

Updated 02 November, 2016

Note: As of October 1, 2016 the only option to become a member of the club for the balance of the 2016/17 membership year is Social Membership, which is less than half the cost of Full Membership. This is because Full Membership includes outdoor bowling, which will not re-commence until the 2017/18 membership year that begins 01 April 2018.

You have two options to apply for, or renew, your membership as a Social Member of the club. Click on the two headings below to reveal the details of each option.

You are strongly urged to use the online form if you possibly can because, if you use a paper form, someone will have to type all your information into the online form anyway, so that we can have complete online records for all club members.

1. Complete the online form below
2. Pick up a paper copy of the form

The online form below is for applying/renewing social annual memberships only. If you are renewing your full membership, please use the Full Membership form.

For more details about Membership, see the Membership page.