Strawberry Tea

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The Past Presidential Performance – Strawberry Tea Day
L-R: Barry Browning, Joan Firkins, Mavis Beechey, Marilyn Turpin, Gary Suter,
Pat Thomas, Linda Cowie, Linda Carswell-Bland, John Cossom,
Lorraine Neumair and Murray Robertson.

This year’s Strawberry Tea was held on the afternoon of Saturday, June 21 under warm sunny skies.

A very willing and capable group hulled and sliced strawberries the day before the big event. (Thanks girls from President Donna!)

In attendance were 11 of our previous presidents, and a total of 64 bowling members were out on the greens. Current president, Donna Blackstock, took most past presidents out of the kitchen and onto the greens this year.

It has been a long tradition of Mavis Beechey to whip up cream for every Strawberry Tea day that has been held at our club. Mavis has always been a tireless worker at our club. She arrived with beater and bowl in hand at 11:30 a.m. to begin her much appreciated task! President Donna would also like to thank Cheryl Stinson, Pam Potter and Pat Thomas for their tireless efforts behind the scenes on the day.

A highlight for all members, besides enjoying the strawberry shortcake and extra cream for some, was hearing from each of the 11 past presidents and highlights of their year(s).

Reporter: Donna Blackstock. Editor and Photo/Design: Mary Forster.