Strömstad draws nearer

The countdown continues to the World Short Mat Bowls Championships. Less than a month to go before play begins and our club members are all but living on the mat as they continue to hone their skills in preparation.

Brent Jansen will depart on March 5th to first visit family in Denmark. David Anderson, Andrew Harley, Mitch O’Brien and Chris Slade will depart together for Strömstad on March 11th to join the other Team Canada members shown here.

According to the Canadian Short Mat Bowls Association teams are confirmed from Belgium, Canada, England, Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Wales. Other countries likely to be participating are Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, and the Netherlands. Unfortunately the schedule of events isn’t expected to be available until closer to the tournament dates.

The World Short Mat Championships have been held every two years since 2006.  Canada will be participating for only the second time; the first with full member status in the World Short Mat Bowls Association. Canada’s first entry was in 2016 when only nine players took part (one from British Columbia, two from Saskatchewan and six from Ontario) with play having taken place in Leigh, England.

What are Canada’s chances for success in 2018? With countries like England, Ireland and Wales having almost 60,000 short mat bowlers, Canada might be seen more akin to the Jamaican bobsled team of the 1988 Winter Olympics. Nevertheless when our 20 competitors don the maple leaf jersey they will display the same pluck and determination to win that other Canadian athletes have when competing on the international stage.

The official site for the 2018 Championships will be the Nordby Supermarket hallen which can be viewed here.

The Canadian team will be attired in black for pant/skirt colour with the following shirt…

It looks like the Canadian bowl is holding shot over the Swedish bowl. A predilection? 🙂 The CSMBA sleeve tab is for the Canadian Short Mat Bowls Association. JJMat is billed as Toronto’s premiere indoor short mat bowling club. This club is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Canadian Worlds short mat team.