Students study bowls

On July 26th we had the pleasure of hosting fourteen students from Shanghai. They are in Victoria attending a one month course at Camosun College. The students, although few in number, were full of enthusiasm. Coming from a city of 24 million inhabitants, they most likely found Victoria and lawn bowls to be a little laid back. Nevertheless like typical young people they were quick learners of our genteel sport and with each end bowled closer to the jack. Even Jenny, their Camosun instructor, tried her hand and showed us some fine delivery form.

The activities finished with a “spider” where each player simultaneously delivers a bowl to the jack. The bowl closest to the jack becomes the winner. In this case the winning bowl could only be determined following a measure by Ian McMorran. Ian was one of several club members overseen by Louise Mason assisting our guests. These Camosun students all scored an “A” on their first attempt at our “easy to play, hard to play well” sport.

We enjoyed hosting the students and look forward to additional visits. These encounters provide an opportunity to raise awareness of both our sport and our club.