Summary of additional costs to Anderson House renovation project

To Oak Bay members,

Barry Hersh has been discussing the final costing of the renovation project.  We will have a final cost available to the membership at the AGM.  Barry has compiled a list of extra costs that have pushed the final costing over the original budget for Anderson House.  Some of these costs were required by the building code, some were required for safety and some were needed to make the finished product and existing building match.  We should see a cost saving on the utility bills with the windows, lighting and ceiling insulation.  Barry will be available at the AGM for questions.

  1. An architect was required by the City Of Oak Bay – added cost of $750.
  2. All windows (10 versus 4) changed to double glazed rather than just changing the windows in the expanded section of the room.  Four of these windows were made openable to allow cross fresh air ventilation – added cost of $3000.
  3. Electrical box positioned inside old office (and now new handicap washroom) was required to be reversed into open room by City Of Oak Bay – added cost of $900.
  4. Outside gutter and downpipes above new deck were in disrepair and would not have been passed by City Of Oak Bay on final inspection – added cost of $1200.
  5. Two interior storage closets were added to interior design – material, labour and finishing – added cost of $1500.
  6. Insulation in attic, discovered, during construction and removal of old material, that minimal insulation contained in attic, may not have passed final inspection – added cost of $1750.
  7. Dangerous leaking lighting fixtures discovered during construction – 16 lights changed to new LED light fixtures – added cost of $2200.
  8. Original design of handrail/glass exceeded budget by $10,000.  Switched to bench design which still exceeded budget – added cost of $3000.
  9. New handicap bathroom rough-in by plumber estimated at $2000 came in at $3500, reflecting huge trade surcharges during Victoria’s construction boom – added cost of $1500.

Total of above specific 9 changes resulted in an added cost of $15,800.  Along with these identifiable extras, material and trade costs in general have been dramatically increasing over the last 18 months during Victoria’s extremely active construction time.  

If any of you have questions on the above items and need answers prior to the meeting, please contact me.

Thank you,

Allan Wood