Surviving an Emergency

Tournament play at a local BSI club was recently interrupted by the unexpected activation of the club’s irrigation system. Water from one corner of the green sprayed outward caused bowlers to quickly leave the green to avoid becoming soaked. In haste one player had the misfortune to fall which resulted in minor injuries. This incident points out the need for all members to become familiar with the emergency equipment, and location of the water shut off switches, at their home club.

Oak Bay LBC has recently taken steps to deal with just such an occurrence. A list of Emergency Equipment and Procedures has been placed in each of our three buildings – Anderson House, Carnarvon House and the Maintenance Building to the west of Carnarvon House. This list of Emergency Equipment and Procedures provides items and locations for various emergency equipment as well as procedures for emergency shutoff of water and power, both outside and within our buildings.

The location of this document is shown in the photos below. It can also be viewed on the club’s website under “The Club > Premises” where the link can be found near the bottom of the page. Please take the time to review our emergency equipment and procedures. Should an emergency occur which requires you to respond, it will be important that as a minimum you know where to locate this important document.

Anderson House

Carnarvon House

Maintenance Building