All done!

Updated October 30, 2016 They did it all in a day! More than 200 lockers were moved October 29 to make room for the two short mats, which are now laid and can be used immediately.   Lots of empty spaces on the calendar when you can drop-in and find out how your bowls behave on the new … [Read more...]

Two short mats . . .

Updated October 31, 2016 As of Monday October 31, we will have two short mat rinks in Anderson House. All members need to be aware that their storage locker may be moved to make room for the second mat. It would help if you emptied your locker by October 27 – but you are NOT required to do so. The … [Read more...]

Short Mat Tournament Fall 2016

Short Mat Triples Tournament – November 5-6, 2016 Short mat players - new, experienced and everyone in-between – sign up for the first tournament of the fall season. It’s a triples, and teams will be randomly drawn according to entrants’ rankings. A maximum twenty-four entries can be accommodated. … [Read more...]

Short mat begins

The short mat was laid down in Anderson House on Friday September 16, two weeks earlier than usual, because the outdoor greens are now closed for the season. Jeff Machan, Carnarvon Cup winner and many times champion in outdoor tournaments, rolled the ceremonial first bowl. He rolled a perfect … [Read more...]

Pairs tournament a success!

The Saturday April 2 pairs short mat tournament, for two-year novices and non-league players, went extremely well - so well that it was completed an hour earlier than the posted time! The advertised format was changed from Cutthroat to Scotch Pairs to best suit the number of players. The final … [Read more...]

Lake Hill Short Mat Tournament 2016

Lake Hill Short Mat Tournament 2016 The Oak Bay Bowling club was well represented at the Lake Hill Short Mat Tournament played last weekend, February 26,27, 28. We had three teams in the tournament: Harnam Grewal, Joan Firkins and Andrew Harley Linda Cowie, Jim Brown and Kay Alexander Brent … [Read more...]

Short Mat Tournament Feb 6 2016

Greetings to all! After 24 exciting rounds it turns out that Team Jamaica with 27.5 points from their 12 games was the victor and earned their day in the to speak! Thanks to all who took part. The games were fantastic to watch. Many thanks to those who spent time working as markers … [Read more...]