Tea time

Eric Ballinger, Janet Gairdner (Publisher Oak Bay News)

Reporting by Eric Ballinger, Publicity Director, OBLBC

On June 21 I had the privilege to attend the fourth annual Oak Bay News community tea. This event was held at Carlton House on Oak Bay Avenue from 2 to 3 p.m.

The tea provided an excellent opportunity for all members of the community to meet with the staff of the newspaper, bring questions, and exchange ideas. A special waiter named Nils Jensen was on hand and kept busy topping up the cups.

The Oak Bay News has long been supportive of our club and this year in particular we have been able to return this support through increased advertising of our club. A relationship that is mutually supportive can only benefit both parties. It was indeed a pleasure to get to better know these folks from our local community newspaper, and I look forward to continuing our close relationship.