We have two greens and two clubhouses
Updated 2019-05-12 adding a photo of the upgraded Anderson House and displaying the list of club members who contributed to the 2019 fundraising drive. Interior shot of Carnarvon House replaced.

Our club provides two high-calibre greens for outdoor bowling during the summer and two indoor short mat rinks for indoor winter bowling. We also have clubhouse amenities that cater for a full and varied program of activities and social functions in the winter.

Our two greens accommodate large tournaments

Two greensOur two 120-foot square, 8-rink greens—one is floodlit—make our club a suitable venue for the larger local tournaments and for late evening games. Up to 128 players can play simultaneously.

Our greens are maintained under contract with Mr. John Correia.  Housekeeping is also contracted out. Everything else about the club premises and grounds is maintained by volunteers from the club.

You can find more information on how lawn bowling operates at our club in Daily Draws, Leagues and Tournaments.

Anderson House is our sports pavilion


We have two clubhouses. The smaller and older one is known as Anderson House. It acts as our “sports pavilion.”

img_0608This clubhouse is lined with 240 lockers that are used by members to store their bowling gear.

In the winter season, we play the short mat indoor game in Anderson House. We use two 40-foot carpeted rinks which are in place from late September to mid-April. Six two-hour time slots are scheduled each day on each rink for one of our four leagues or the daily friendly triples games.

You can find more information on how our short mat game operates in Short Mat at Oak Bay.

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In late 2018 we upgraded Anderson House increasing the width of the interior to make it better for the short mat game and to create a brand new deck, which is included in the licensed premises of the club. In order to defray the expenses of the renovation we appealed to club members to contribute. Members have raised almost $15,000 up to April 2019.


Carnarvon House is our social pavilion


The newer Carnarvon House is our “social pavilion” with full kitchen facilities and a licensed bar. It can hold events for up to 140 people. This is where we host dinners and other non-bowling activities.

Carnarvon House interior

Carnarvon House has a large screen projection TV and its own Wi-Fi hub. We are a “well-connected” club!

Every day in winter there are two-hour sessions for bridge, canasta, darts, table tennis, cribbage or scrabble.

Carnarvon House is available for rental to club members and to outside parties. See the Special Events Booking form.

You can find more information about Carnarvon House activities on the Indoor Activities and Social Events pages.