Membership is open to everyone

A doubtful-looking lot! But we let them all into the club anyway. . .

Updated 2019-03-11, removing the requirement for new full members to be certified by a club coach before they can take part in games. This proviso was dropped for the 2019-20 year. 

Anyone can be a member of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club. Members of our community come from all walks of life and have their own reasons for joining.

Once you are a member, you will expand your social circle by a couple of hundred interesting, friendly people and have access to organized activities almost every day of the year. And, as a club member, you can always rent the clubhouse for private parties for 130 of your closest friends! 🙂

Annual Membership Fees 2019-20

See Membership Fees page for 2019-20 annual fees.

Application Forms

You need to complete a membership form when you first join the club and every year thereafter.

Online forms are registered as soon as you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of each form. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of your application. Membership cannot be confirmed until we receive your payment of the annual fees.

During the month April, paper membership forms are available in Anderson House at the club. At other times of the year, these paper forms are available from the Membership Registrar, Sheila McCall. However, the club much prefers that you use the online membership form, so that your records are entered directly into the computerized membership list.

Introductory coaching lessons on the fundamentals of how to play the game are available for beginners. Once the 3- to 5-session course has been completed, or if you are already an experienced player, you should complete the membership application form.

(Note: The training course is as much about knowing the rules of the game as anything else. There is no “skills testing” or anything like that. Once you know the rules and can make some attempt at delivering a bowl, you can enjoy the Daily Draws.)


Your annual fee is payable online via Interac e-Transfer (details on the online membership forms), or by cheque, which should be made payable to “Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club” and mailed to the club’s street address, or put through the mail slot of the club’s office in Anderson House. Please mark your envelope “Attn: Treasurer.”

If you have questions or need help with the application forms, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Visiting Bowlers Fees

Members from other bowling clubs are entitled to play at Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club. Fees may apply. See Visiting Bowlers page.

Not all membership applications are accepted, however . . .