Social Membership Application/Renewal 2015-16

You have three options to apply for, or renew, your membership as a Social Member of the club. Click on the three headings below to reveal the details of each option.

1. Complete the online form below

This year is the first time we have offered online forms for membership renewal.

The online form reduces the workload for the Membership Secretary, since it creates an electronic copy of your membership record.

By contrast, the information on paper forms has to be manually transferred to an electronic copy by the Membership Secretary or other volunteers.

So please consider using the online form if you can. If you have any problems with the online form while you are filling it out, call Chris Slade at 250-592-7533 or cell phone 250-885-2241. He will help you complete it successfully.

As soon as you have submitted your online form, make a point of mailing or bringing your cheque to the club.

2. Pick up a paper copy of the form

Pick up a paper copy of the social membership application/renewal form at Anderson House, complete it and drop it in the office mail box there, together with your cheque. If you cannot obtain a copy of the form, contact Bev Regan, Membership Secretary

3. Print your own copy of the form

Print your own paper copy as follows:

  1. click on Social Membership Application/Renewal;
  2. download the form to your own computer, using the download icon at the top right of the screen;
  3. save the form to your own computer;
  4. print the form from your saved copy;
  5. complete the information requested and either bring the form to the club, or mail it, together with your cheque.

The online form below is for applying/renewing social annual memberships only. If you are renewing your full membership, please use the Full Membership form.

For more details about Membership, see the Membership page.