Thursday Special Draw

Another season has come to a conclusion and once again this event continued to receive outstanding support from our members. The “Thursday Special Draw” has been a pleasure to run.

During the past summer the weekly event averaged 46 players or a total of 879 players for the 19 weeks. We got off to a slow start due to the fact the greens were closed 1 week for coaching and 1 week cancelled due to rain but bounced back with great turnouts from May 19th to closing. Thanks to great weather and no work scheduled for the greens we added 2 weeks to the schedule and wrapped up September 21st.

With today’s closing we will turnover to the club treasurer $225.00 and $79.15 will be retained as a float for the 2018 draw.

Thanks to all for the fantastic support over the summer, have a great winter and we will see you in the spring.

Marg & Jeff