Thursday Special Draw report

Amazing how time flies when you are having a good time. Another season has come to a conclusion and once again the Thursday Special Draw continues to receive outstanding support from our members. Great weather and the excellent condition of our greens contributed to a successful season (a special thanks to John Correia for the greens). The Thursday Special Draw has been a pleasure to run and we look forward to next year. Presented below are a few stats from this year.

  • number of weeks – 19
  • total number of bowlers – 927
  • average bowlers per week – 49
  • total cash received – $1,018.95
  • total cost of prizes – $626.10
  • total cash balance – $392.85
  • cash retained for 2019 float – $92.85
  • cash turned over to club – $300.00

Thanks to all for the fantastic support over the summer, have a great winter and we will see you in the spring.

Marg & Jeff