Thursday Special Draw

Draw Winners (L to R) Paul Hartman (lead), Bev Regan (vice), Steve Dix (skip)

Door Prize Winners, Gayle Wigmore, Joan Hall, Barrie Bolton

The format for our Thursday Special Draw traces its roots to life member Fred McLeod. Fred recognized the value in creating a one day mini-competition, which included two short games with members enjoying an opportunity to rest, eat, and socialize in between. To provide a little additional incentive to bowl well, each participant contributed a loonie toward the cost of prizes. Most prizes are of a traditional nature such as bottles of wine but in the past cooked chickens have even been known to be awarded to winners.

For the past few years the Thursday Special Draw has been ably managed by Margaret and Jeff Machan. June 22nd saw 59 bowlers enjoy great bowling weather on fine greens. This draw contains the word “Special” for good reason.  It’s fun, different, and appeals to almost everyone. If you haven’t given it a try yet, think of what you’re missing.