Tips & Tricks

As a website visitor you might not have noticed a useful feature for locating information. It’s the simple search box. Search boxes are not new but many websites don’t provide them and that can make locating specific information difficult and time consuming. You’re probably familiar with “Googling” to find all kinds of information. Our search box is similar to a Google search but it will look for content specifically residing on our club website. The search box is located at the top of the home page between the main menu line and a series of rotating photos known as “sliders”.

Let’s use an example of how our search box might be helpful. We’ll start with a thought. You’re thinking about the holes you’ve seen on occasion in the greens and are wondering if they might be caused by crows. So, you decide to see if there’s anything on the website that might mention these birds. You therefore enter “crows” in the search box and voila! Try it yourself. The search box is not case sensitive but you will need to spell your search word(s) correctly, and of course they will have to be spelled correctly in the website article to permit the link.

Computer technology can be challenging for all, including those of us who serve on the Website Committee. Progress can seem slow and difficult but it’s helpful sometimes to look back in order to see how far we’ve come. The little story here has been around for years but still nicely sums up our challenges.

Happy searching,

Your friendly Website Committee 🙂