Tournament Registration Changed

We have decided to change the online registration system for entering our 16 club tournaments in 2018.  We had planned to use RSVP, the system that has been used successfully for short mat bookings in the last short mat session. However, we needed more flexibility than RSVP could provide, so we have decided to use entry forms of the same type that you use for annual membership renewal, but much simpler of course.

You can see all the tournament registration forms in the footer of every webpage. Just scroll down to the bottom (dark green) part of the screen and view the Club Tournaments Entry Forms menu. If you click on the name of any form on the list, it will not only display the entry form, but also the tournament poster and a list of players who have already registered. When you register for a tournament, your name is immediately added to the list of players.

Tournament managers will begin to see e-mail copies of the registrations for the tournaments for which they are responsible. After the closing date of a tournament, the tournament manager will receive a list of all registrants.

For those of you who already registered for club tournaments using the RSVP system, your entries will be manually transferred to the player list for each form. You should check that you are on the correct player list. If your name is missing, please complete the relevant tournament registration form. You can also cancel a previous registration using the same tournament registration form.