Tuesday League

The Tuesday League

Published 2018-11-19

This page brings together all the information about the experimental Tuesday League in the Fall 2018 session.

This new league format is much easier to schedule than our previous leagues, which is why we are trying it out in the few remaining weeks of the 2018 Fall Session. Once the Tuesday League has concluded on December 18, we will ask all short mat players for their feedback on the appeal of this kind of pre-committed schedule.

Click here to see how league scheduling was done  previously

Scheduling of league play has been complex

In previous short mat sessions we scheduled league play based on player availability.

Players registered singly for up to three leagues (Singles and two Pairs leagues), named their pairs partner(s) and stated the times of the week that they were available and the dates they would be absent from Victoria during the session.

A complex computer program then sought out all the opportunities where all four players in any given pairs game were available – and when mat time was available. One of the suggested dates was manually selected. Then the process was repeated up to 200 times. This process eventually resulted in the publication of a complete schedule for each of fifty or more players.

While very convenient for the players, the process took many hours of volunteer time to execute.


Click here to see how the Tuesday League has been scheduled

Scheduling the Tuesday League is much simpler

The experimental Tuesday League on the other hand takes much less volunteer time.

All the games are pre-scheduled for three time-slots every Tuesday. If you can commit to playing every Tuesday, you are eligible to play in this league. Because there are always unexpected personal events that may prevent you from playing one Tuesday, there is provision to share a position or name a substitute player.

If the experiment of a Tuesday League works out, in future we may schedule a full 11-week session with a Tuesday League, a Friday League, a Saturday League, etc.


Online documents support the Tuesday League

Here are all the reference documents for the Tuesday League:

2018 Fall Short Mat Session Poster

2018 Fall Short Mat Schedule

2018 Fall Tuesday League Poster

2018 Fall Tuesday League Registered Player List

2018 Fall Tuesday League pairings and games schedule

2018 Fall Tuesday League Results

2018 Fall Tuesday League entry form  While the pairs teams have already been set up for the five-week league, you can still register your interest in taking part as a:

  • Player, which means you would be a spare at this stage, who would be called if a registered Player drops out of the League altogether; or a
  • Substitute, meaning that, although you may not be available for all scheduled games, you would be interested in being called to substitute for a Player who is unavailable for a particular game. Players who are Spares are also available as Substitutes.