Victoria Day great success

Victoria Day was celebrated with three 10 end games of mixed triples followed by a delicious catered dinner.

The greens were in excellent shape leaving little excuse for errant bowls. Four teams were successful in earning prize money. For those of us who are less talented there were raffle and 50/50 prizes to be won with assistance from Lady Luck. This year the 50/50 proceeds will go toward our youth bowling program. Susan DeGryp kept diners entertained with her wit, humour and a fun game requiring knowledge of song titles.

Thank you to the many members who helped to make the day a great success.

Winners (L to R) Sheila McCall (lead), Andrew Harley (skip), Elaine Hasler (vice), Helen Kempster (presenter)

Second Place, Marian Burow (lead), David Anderson (vice), Louise Mason (skip), Helen Kempster

Third Place, Cheryl Stinson (shared lead), Gerry Emery (vice), Ronnie Stinson (shared lead), Brent Jansen (skip)

Fourth Place, Henriette Ballinger (skip), Anne Payne (lead), Peter Insley (vice), Helen Kempster


Additional photos courtesy of Clarice Dillman