Victoria Day

Winners (L to R) Helen Kempster (presenter), Linda Carswell-Bland (skip), Robert Game (vice), Robbie Bagot (lead)

2nd Place, Brent Jansen (skip), Georgia Thorneycroft (vice), Helen Kempster, Bryan Valdal (lead)

3rd Place, back row, Peter Insley (vice), Ian Capon (lead), front row, Helen Kempster, Henriette Ballinger (skip)

4th Place, Helen Kempster, Sylvia Sinclair (vice), Rod Armitage (skip), missing Jo Ann Edquist, (lead)

Victoria Day at the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club was celebrated with a mixed triples tournament followed by a dinner fit for the Queen. It was another great day of bowls and friends enjoying one another’s company. The only disappointment was that we hoped to see more novices participating. That should self-correct as they become more familiar with their club. If that fails we can put a royal bounty on their heads.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let the following photos show what an enjoyable day it was. Her Majesty would clearly be pleased.