Visit from Central Saanich LBC

3 game winners (L to R) Fern Price, Jan Price, Ian McMorran, Harnam Grewal, Jake Jakubowski

On Monday August 13th we had the pleasure to welcome many members of the Central Saanich Lawn Bowling Club. Reciprocal visits between our clubs have become a tradition. They provide an opportunity to experience another club’s workings and facilities along with a chance to compete in a friendly against other South Island bowlers.

The visit included three 6 end games with lunch following the second game. A number of draw prizes were also given to lucky winners.

Karen Evans was visit coordinator for Oak Bay while Linda Simpson was her opposite for Central Saanich. Without members willing to take on the task of organizing such events, they simply wouldn’t happen. Thank you on behalf of all who enjoyed the day and thank you to the behind the scene volunteers who also contributed in no small way to the day’s success.

It won’t be too many more weeks before we’ll be into gloomier weather typical of the wet coast so getting out for some fun in the sun was the thing to do on this day. To repeat a well worn phrase – a good time was had by all.