Where’s OBLBC?

It might be easier to find Waldo than the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club!

For years it has been common to have neighbours living within a few blocks of our club tell us that they weren’t aware of our existence. We have tried different means to address this problem and make the public aware of our club; these have included social media, ads in the Oak Bay Recreation Centre’s Active Living Guide and in the Oak Bay News, brochures mounted on a box connected to our wooden club sign and available on our website, along with other methods. 

One of the more traditional methods has been the simple poster. But standing out on a bulletin board isn’t easy. Can you find our Open House poster from last year on the notice board in front of the Oak Bay Municipal Hall? Hopefully those looking at the board could. If nothing else this illustrates how difficult it is to get noticed by the public.

Although the photo below of Anderson House, taken on February 27, still shows a smattering of snow, a few weeks from now we’ll be welcoming prospective members to our Open House. Many of these folks will hopefully be coming at your invitation.