Indoor activities every day in winter

Updated October 22, 2017, changing scrabble from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Lake Carnarvon

Sometimes, you just have to go indoors!


During fall and winter, all members can enjoy daily indoor short mat bowling, plus a wide selection of social activities happening every day of the week:

If you are not already a full member and would like to enjoy these activities, please take up Social Membership or Contact Us.


Short mat at Anderson House before October 2017.

For the new “two-mat, no-lockers” look, see the Short Mat page. (Don’t worry, your lockers are still secure and close at hand. They will all be put back in Anderson House at the start of the outdoor season.)

We have even managed to squeeze a third mat into Carnarvon House when needed. This mat is laid down just before a tournament, so that we can accommodate more players. To see how this is done see the Short Mat Administration page.