Short Mat Results

The winter short mat league season was played between January and April 2016. The pairs league was split into two balanced groups A and B whilst the singles matches were merged into a single group D.

Demand for triples groups saw several extra weekly time slots being added to the schedule to cope with the heavy demand.

The following are the results of the pairs and singles league.

Group A Pairs

J Firkins and M Thorneycroft     1st
A Harley and S Armitage             2nd
M Turpin and D Dixon                 2nd
A Bodley-Scott and R Hittos       2nd

Group B Pairs

J Klausen and S Klausen             1st
J Cossom and L Matheson          2nd
K Evans and I McMorran            3rd
L Cowie and M Lum                     3rd

Group D Singles

S Klausen                                       1st
J Klausen                                       2nd
J Cossom                                       2nd