Winter short mat enrollment has begun

Short mat bowlsEnrollment commenced December 1 and will close December 15 for short mat players in the A, B, C and D leagues for the upcoming January-April 2015 session. (See the Short Mat Entry form in the footer of every page of this website.)

Personal schedules for league players will be distributed by December 31.

With the abolition of the $5 session fee, there is no need to enroll in the session for those playing in triples games ONLY; you simply reserve places in the triples games of your choice, once the Triples Booking Sheet for the new session becomes available January 1.

The session kickoff meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m., Saturday January 3 in Carnarvon House.

For more details of the upcoming session, see the November 25  Announcement on the Short Mat menu.