You can pre-register for 2015 tournaments

This year, you will be able to register for any of our 14 outdoor members-only tournaments before the 2015 season even starts.

A special online form will enable you to enter your identification details once only; then just “check the boxes” for all of the tournaments you want to enter.

You are urged to give the pre-season online registration a try—by clicking on this link to the Multi-tournament Registration form, or by following the link in the footer of every website page.

In effect, you will be “writing” your name on the signup lists, even before they are published. It only takes a minute or two to do all your bookings—and no driving to the club is required!

The form for all 14 club tournaments will be available from now until April 15, 2015. After that date, the usual tournament signup sheets will be used.

When the signup sheets are posted to the Anderson House noticeboard a month before each tournament, your pre-season entries will already be printed on them. However, there will always be plenty of places available for manual signup; the online pre-registration process will not be allowed to use up all the available places.

For more information, see the Club Tournaments web page.