Day 2 June 3rd

DAY 2:

Took a 30 minute train ride to downtown Sydney. The station houses are all quite old fashioned looking with gables and filigree trim.

Jaymee and Nathaniel did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, 134m high and 1,390 steps plus fantastic views of the Sydney area. While they were doing the climb I did my own mini climb, 200 steps up The Pylon which is a part of the bridge with small museum halfway up. I almost chickened out twice but 2was glad when I had made it to the top to take in the harbour view. J and N still had enough energy to also do The Pylon after the climb.

There was a huge street(s) market a few blocks from the bridge with local crafts and delicacies for sale. After meandering through the stalls we lunched at the Mercantile Hotel Public which is the oldest one in Sydney. Excellent pub fare – fish and chips – and Irish musicians as entertainment.

To top off the day we watched Vivid Sydney – a mega light show displayed on the opera house and buildings across the harbour.

22,808 steps taken today seeing the sights of Sydney!

Vivid Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

The Pylon